1. The Appropriation of Traditional African Expression by White Male Artists



    “L'art nègre? Connais pas!” (African art? Never heard of it!) 

    For this conversation to be had, it is important to understand the context surrounding this topic. Colonialism in Africa started around the 1870s....

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  2. 4 Easy Steps to Collecting Art for Millennials



    Building an art collection signals a transition into refined adulthood. Art is an outlet for self-expression and personal enjoyment, it allows you uplift your space while showing your personal taste.
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  3. Buy Art for the Right Reasons



    Art is pretty amazing. For years I’ve lived art, breathed art and wanted to be art. I started buying art at 19 when I took a trip to a little scenic Island in the West Indies, St Lucia. My first visit to Raskassa’s workshop had me gripped..

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