4 Easy Steps to Collecting Art for Millennials



by Oyinkansola Dada

Building an art collection signals a transition into refined adulthood. Art is an outlet for self-expression and personal enjoyment, it allows you uplift your space while showing your personal taste. Millenials are the generation most exposed to art due to the influence of social media and studies show that this has led to an increased interest in art. Social media allows for easy accessibility and this changes the way Millenials interact with and acquire art. We’ve put together four easy steps to help you on this fulfilling journey.

Do Your Research

Research the art world and discover what you like. It is important to understand and develop a true sense of your aesthetic. You can start by visiting websites that provide insights into the global art market such as artsy and artnet. Millenials are especially adept at social media and this is great for collecting art as it is a great way to find new artists from around the world and follow their artistic process. You can follow online art platforms that promote different artists such as us or follow the artists themselves directly. This way, you can find out about new works they have along with any interviews, studio visits and articles that are in circulation. By following and engaging with artists you love, you gain a deeper understanding of what drives their art and you feel closer to them. This helps you decide who's art you want to collect. 

Go to events

There are many types of art events you can attend to build connections with artists and gallerists as well as enjoy art. You can visit art fairs, exhibitions, biennales, pop ups and even artist studios. This will help you learn about art, develop your taste and relate with the art community around you. Art events are especially busy on the weekends, if you want some quiet time soaking it in, try squeezing in a visit during the weekday. POLARTICS holds different art events during the year which are usually free to attend.

Start by collecting less expensive pieces

Art isn’t cheap and this poses barriers for Millenials that don’t have a lot of disposable income. However,  you can start by buying what you can afford. There’s no rule book that says art has to cost thousands of dollars for it to be considered art. A $200 piece could easily resonate with you just as much or even more than a $200,000 painting. Collecting doesn’t need to bankrupt you, in fact. it should enrich you aesthetically and possibly financially if the value goes up in the future. Affordable art can be found by looking towards collecting from emerging artists. You can research which of your favorite artists have limited edition prints on offer and start by purchasing those as the prices are usually lower. 

Get Provenance

When you acquire art you should always ask for a form of provenance. This proves the authenticity of the work and is required when and if you decide to resell the work. Provenance can come in different forms including a signed certificate of authenticy with information about the work, the artist’s signature on the work and a receipt from the gallery or artist, amongst other forms. All you need is a document to prove that the work was created by the artist and is not a fake.


We hope these tips have been useful!

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