DADA Gallery is pleased to participate in Our Soho House in collaboration with our and Not Just Another Store, designed to celebrate BIPOC talents and the power of creativity through art and fashion. Our specially curated presentation features Abe Ogunlende, Bunmi Agusto and Tobi Alexandra Falade, artists working across different artistic mediums, addressing themes of youth, identity and cultural hybridity. Enter the exhibition below.

DADA Gallery champions artists whose practice reflects the times and develops new ways in which art can speak truth to power. The gallery has earned a reputation for introducing the most exciting emerging artists from Africa and its diaspora to international audiences. DADA Gallery is committed to promoting artists exploring wide ranging themes such as youth, identity, sexuality, cultural and socio-economic issues. The gallery was founded in 2015 as an online journal that merged politics and art. It has since evolved and shifted its focus to exploring innovative and immersive ways to invite audiences to engage with its roster of young vibrant artists.

DADA Gallery presents exhibitions in its physical spaces in London and Lagos while continuing to maintain a strong digital presence with its online exhibitions.