Forgotten Icons | 6 March - 6 June 2021

DADA Gallery is pleased to present ‘Forgotten Icons’, a solo exhibition by Djibril Drame. This body of work celebrates two women Senegalese artists -- traditional singer Yande Codou Sene and tassukat Aby Gana Diop. Both women represent a radical shift from the norm in Senegalese music, redefining genres and creating reverbrating impact through their art. Drame recreates their imagery with a contemporary twist, beautifully illuminating their undying spirits.

Yande Codou Sene is one of Senegal’s greatest traditional singers. She celebrated her culture by singing in her native Serer language. Through this, she has had a profound influence on Senegambian music. At her peak, she was ‘la griotte de Senghor’. Till today, she is regarded as one of the ‘last of the Mohicans’ of Serer polyphonic poetry. Aby Gana Diop was Dakar’s most famous tassukat, channelling the divine inspiration and poetry of the tassou into her craft since age 18. Tassou’s rap-like rapidity made Aby assert that ‘rap was born in Senegal’ and she went on to dazzle the whole country, across all demographics, reminding them that rap is “above all an expression of women”. Aby’s style of music became the first and most memorable recording of tassou by a female singer. 

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